Do You Love to Travel?


Everyone loves to travel. See how you can get huge discounts with our special
Lifestyle Certificates.
Depending on which product package you have selected you will receive one or more travel certificates that can be redeemed for a stunning 5 Star vacations of your choice.







This Could Be You


Or This!


How About This?




The Travel Certificates come with a maximum total savings amount.  You will login to our redemption site, put in your TRAVEL CERTIFICATE code and then you are free to select from all of the travel packages and options available.
You pick the one(s) you want, up to the full savings amount of your certificate, then pay your small processing fee for your selection and pack your bags!  If you have any savings value left over, you keep it for your next trip, you do not lose any of your savings value from the certificates you receive as a member of 3T Networks!

These are very easy and simple to use, just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase or Receive Your Travel Certificates with your Product Purchase at 3T Networks.

  2. Go to the redemption Website

  3. Put in your code on your certificate

  4. Select the savings level you want to use out of your certificate and pick the Hotels, Villas, Cruise, Vacation Package you want that fits that Savings Value.

  5. Follow the instructions on booking and payment for the service fee.

Now you have used all or a portion of your certificate. If you only used a portion of the savings value, great when you are ready to travel again or want to give the gift of travel just log back in and do the exact same thing with the remaining value on your certificate.