Policies and Procedures



All refund requests must be made within 3 days of purchase or enrollment.

The return request will deactivate the initial order instructions, and it will delete the 3T Networks customer’s unique identification number for the product selected.

Additionally, if a 3T Networks customer has activated his/her 3T Networks Affiliate position, said position will also be cancelled. Any commissions already paid to the returnee will be deducted from the refund amount.

This cancellation policy is designed to protect the 3T Networks customer and 3T Networks Company Limited.

Income Statement

A 3T Networks Affiliate’s (3TA) success depends in great part upon his or her skills, efforts, dedication, desire, and motivation. Becoming a 3TA is NOT a guarantee of earning income.

Average income or value from the 3T Networks 3TA Compensation Plan, the training information, or use of the trading tools has not been established.

There is no purchase of a 3T Networks product required to become a 3TA, however, a 3TA must have a customer that purchases a 3T Networks product to receive compensation from 3T Networks.

Internet and Print Ads

A 3T Networks Affiliate (3TA) may not advertise or promote their 3T Networks business or the 3T Networks business, products or marketing plan using the 3T Network logos, or images with any electronic media or transmission. This includes on the Internet via web sites or otherwise, without the prior written approval of 3T Networks.  Approval may be withheld at the sole discretion of 3T Networks.  If written approval is given, 3TA’s must abide by the guidelines set forth by 3T Networks. This policy applies to all forms of print media and advertising.

The 3TA Agreement is hereby incorporated in its entirety into this Policy.

Spam Policy

The abuse and misuse of e-mail by a 3T Networks (COMPANY) Affiliate (3TA) is a serious problem. The COMPANY will not tolerate SPAM.

Definition of UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail), or SPAM:

  • The bulk UCE, promotional material, or other forms of solicitation sent via e-mail that advertise any IP address belonging to COMPANY or any URL (domain) that is linked to www.3tnetworks.com or other web sites owned or operated by COMPANY
  • The use of web pages set up on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that allow SPAM (also known as “ghost sites”) that directly or indirectly reference customers to domains or IP addresses linked by www.3tnetworks.com or other web sites owned or operated by COMPANY
  • Advertising, transmitting, or otherwise making available any software, program, product, or service that is designed to facilitate a means to SPAM.
  • Forging or misrepresenting message headers, whether in whole or in part, to mask the true origin of the message.


For further information on mail abuse, please visit http://www.ftc.gov/

Repercussions of SPAM:

Across the Web, it is generally accepted that SPAM is an inconsiderate and improper business practice. SPAM is not only harmful because of its negative impact on consumer attitudes toward COMPANY, but it can also overload COMPANY, resources and other services.

Our Providers:

Since it is unsolicited, users who receive SPAM often become angry and send complaints to our service providers. It can cause negative consumer attitudes and drain resources. The COMPANY strives to maintain favorable business relationships in the Web community and obviously will not allow any practice that threatens these relationships.

Consequences for use of SPAM:

COMPANY reserves the right to terminate, without warning, any 3TA that violates this policy. Usage of COMPANY services constitutes acceptance and understanding of this policy. COMPANY reserves the right to decide what it considers “SPAM”, “UCE”, “mail bombing”, or “bulk e-mail”, and to determine from all of the evidence whether or not the e-mail recipients were from an “opt-in” e-mail list.

If a 3TA or a 3TA’s website is mentioned in a SPAM complaint, said 3TA may be subject to suspension or termination.

COMPANY will not allow the actions of a spammer to compromise the COMPANY’S 3TA community. As such, the COMPANY reserves the right to the following actions against a violating 3TA:

  • Termination of position and Website immediately without a refund of any kind,
  • Forfeit use of all COMPANY services,
  • Face a possible fine of $250.
  • The violating 3TA exposes himself/herself to all civil and criminal liabilities in the jurisdictions applicable.


Please Note: A 3TA must pay $250 to $500 to the COMPANY’S service providers for excessive SPAM complaints. If a 3TA is the user who is violating the SPAM policy that results in COMPANY having to pay $250 to $500 penalty, the violating 3TA WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND MUST PAY THE FINE.

COMPANY reserves the right to determine what violates its No SPAM Policy.

*This SPAM (UCE) Accepted Use Policy and all other COMPANY policies are subject to change by COMPANY without notice. Continued usage of the services after a change to this policy is implemented and posted on the COMPANY site constitutes a 3TA’s acceptance of such change or policy. COMPANY encourages all BCA’s to regularly review and check the www.3tnetworks.com site for any changes or additions.